Our Story

Archtop began with a love of music, coffee and creating a great experience for our customers.  What began as an add on to a music store in Bolton has expanded to a full service bistro, bakery, bar and coffee shop.
Why the name, Archtop?  When looking for a name, we wanted something which incorporated our love of music with our love of serving wonderful food and drink to our customers.  Our name, Archtop, comes from the beautiful, Archtop Guitar.  These instruments are hand crafted with the best materials and great attention to detail.  At Archtop we employ this same attention to detail in every product we serve, from our lattes to our food and our baked treats.


In 2015, a search for a community in the Toronto area began.  Upon discovering Port Credit, we knew this was the perfect spot to call home.  A lakefront community with a strong love of music fit our brand perfectly.  Our first home in Port Credit was a small spot on lakeshore where we combined coffee and vinyl - a hit among locals.
Archtop quickly became a favourite spot for locals as well as visitors to the area.  It became a place where strangers became friends over their love of coffee and vinyl.

In May 2020, the historic Montgomery House at the corner of Elizabeth and Lakeshore became available.  We knew this would be the perfect spot for Archtop.  It was large enough to welcome everyone, cyclist had lots of space and it was centre ice in Port Credit.  It also gave us the opportunity to restore a beautiful historic landmark in Port Credit.

We hope that you will come visit and become part of the Archtop community.